Michael Wight is a 25-year-old independent artist, who uses a mixture of materials to produce paintings, photography and installation/structural works of art. Taking inspiration from life events happening in real time, and an extensive history of a medical patient perspective, Michael’s artwork showcases how the most abstract of an idea can bring thought and emotion into view. Following a series of works being displayed at a group exhibition back in 2012, Michael has since had work displayed at The Scottish Law Commission and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. His first solo exhibition X L A, which gathers his medical and personal history into one long chronological narrative, was displayed at Edinburgh Palette in January 2016.

XLA was a successful first show for the Edinburgh artist, who was covered by The Scotsman Edinburgh Evening News and by STV Edinburgh and Glasgow during the time of display at Edinburgh Palette.

Michael's new exhibition titles "CHANGE" will display this August (2018) in Edinburgh.